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Add Partners are developing a range of training modules to provide the opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge in a variety of key business areas.


Each of these is designed not only to inform and motivate but also to encourage the individual to be proactive, to question the process and be part of the solution.


Affordable advice you can’t afford to dismiss.


Added options, Added momentum and Added effectiveness


At the same time we offer a tailor made service of interactive workshops, seminars and presentations which combined with coaching and mentoring can be conducted either on a one to one or small group basis.


If you would like to know more or have a suggestion, as to what you consider to be the most critical aspect of running your own business, that might benefit from an Added traction training seminar then please contact us.



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Added Advantage

Starting a new business is scary!


OK you have an idea for a product or service – some of you may already have tried selling this and been successful. But leaving the day job and relying on this product or service to pay the bills on a regular basis is another matter – and I know because I have done this myself.


What I want to do is provide a seminar – just one day, at a minimal cost.


It is a preparation for what is to come, what will be expected of you.  Or even if you have already taken the plunge it will offer guidance on how to survive and thrive.


An evaluation of your product or service – practice pitches


An examination of your strengths and weaknesses – how to fill the gaps


An opportunity to mix with other business start-ups – and learn from them


In other words – all you need to consider before you make the final decision to become an entrepreneur – and essential advice on how you should launch, project and ensure the sustainability of your business venture.

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Introducing  Add Partners New Business Seminar