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Our last project was the Worcester Canal Festival at Lansdowne Park in June. This event was to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Worcester to Birmingham Canal. Despite a fair bit of rain we estimate over 3000 people from all sectors of the local community came along and had a great time over the weekend (full report available in the new year).


We are currently assisting the promotion of Small Business Saturday (on 5 December) specifically within the Tything, Arboretum and Barbourne area of Worcester. This is a call for local people to support local small business. At the heart of this is a website community hub for the area. Starting with SBS this will provide the focus for business, community, education & employment and health & wellbeing in the tab area.


Register your support for your local community on this site and see offers from local businesses.


Add Partners is supporting Café Bliss at the Worcester Arts Workshop.


Café Bliss is not only a great place to meet and eat but is the heart of the Arts Workshop and is an active contributor to the Worcester Community. They need funds for a kitchen refurbishment and to continue their work in the community.  


They are launching a crowd funding appeal shortly and if you would like more details or to help them achieve their target check out their website

Add Partners mission is to promote the growth of New Business, Small Business and Community Enterprise Projects within the Worcester area. To provide support and guidance to ensure the profitability and sustainability of business activities benefiting the local community.

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