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Mediation is a primary form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), an alternative that is to going to court and having a decision imposed by a judge


Mediation is a meeting, chaired by a neutral third party with specialist training between all participants in the dispute including their lawyers, supporters and advisors, with the mutual aim to explore the possibilities for a solution.


It is Consensual


The mediator does not impose or suggest a solution. The participants decide what agreement can be reached and the scope of it. The mediator will assist in the process by reality-testing perception, playing devils advocate and developing understanding of risk and cost to allow the participants to find a mutually acceptable solution.


It is Private and Confidential


Everything is in confidence and without prejudice. Nothing said in private meeting will be revealed to the other participant without express permission. If the mediation fails nothing can be quoted or used later even at court. Whatever the outcome the mediator will destroy any notes at the termination of the Mediation.


It is Alternative


Mediation creates a safe environment which allows participants to examine the full range of needs and interests rather than rights, precedents and legal constraints. It is also transformative in that the focus is looking to the future rather than dwelling on the past. This can mean added value  may be included to produce ''win-win'' solutions often overlooked in the mainstream process.


Why should I Mediate?

  • Because litigation can be an expensive long drawn-out process, time consuming and a life changing experience. In addition, increasingly a refusal to accept Mediation raises the Possibility of negative costs consequences.

  • Because Mediation provides a level playing field where the participants have equal weight in a relatively low cost process which can be arranged quickly and in general takes less than a day to complete.


What is Mediation?

Michael Doyle

MsoM Accredited Mediator

Mike brings over 30 years commercial experience to the table, based in Finance, Advertising and Recruitment as an employee and business owner.


He offers commercial acumen with a finger firmly on the financial pulse, experience as a facilitator and problem solver with an ability to assimilate complex issues and provide clear choices leading to their resolution.


He has a strong belief in the ability of mediation to cut through the Gordian knot that can be created by the expensive process of litigation, having first-hand experience of the effects of litigation on individuals, families and businesses.


Based in Worcester in the heart of the country, Mike is available to travel throughout the UK.


Contact Mike for support with:

  • General business disputes

  • Contracts/sale of goods or services

  • Company and Partnership disputes

  • Wills, Probate and Estates

  • Professional Negligence

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