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The Business MOT

Very simply an intensive ‘snapshot’ investigation of current business practices, systems and administration performed in conjunction with the business owner providing an alternative perspective which provides the opportunity to identify areas for either cost savings or increased profitability.


Added awareness, Added analysis, Added control


1)   Preliminary groundwork is undertaken to gather basic information as to the nature of the business – eg website or business advertising.


2)   Followed by a one hour interview (longer, if appropriate) with the business owner – where we would anticipate full access to business records to obtain an overview of the current trading position.


3)   Then compile a report which identifies areas of potential action.


4)   These may include recommendations which will be undertaken either by the business owner, by the intervention of Add Partners or a combination of the two.


Each MOT is tailored specifically to the individual needs of the business.  The procedure is straightforward, the concept is simple – Add Partners.


Where necessary we can in also make introductions to preferred business partners for further targeted professional advice.        


Where this final option is applicable, if requested the Add Partners will be on hand to provide all the ground work necessary to minimise the costs and business disruption involved in this option.


Our standard introductory fee for the Business MOT is £250. This includes all costs for steps 1, 2 and 3 of the above process.


Please note that further consultations, project work and liaison on the business owners behalf with the preferred partners will incur additional charges at a previously agreed rate subject to contractual terms and conditions.


One popular add-on to the process that can be arranged at a discounted fee is a follow up meeting:

To explain the basis of the recommendations, outline actions which are to be undertaken and assign responsibilities and a timetable for implementation.


Added Perspective

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