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About Add Partners

Our Mission

All small enterprises whether their roots are commercial or community have weaknesses in their management, most commonly financial administration but also HR, legal, IT or marketing.


It’s not a fault it’s a fact of life – No one individual can be expected to have the answers to every question – so who should they turn to?


Add Partners mission is to promote the growth of New Business, Small Business and Community Enterprise Projects within the Worcester area. To provide support and guidance to ensure the profitability and sustainability of business activities benefiting the local community.


We Add Partners with the contacts and expertise to Add control, to Add effectiveness, to Add traction, to Add intensity, to Add opportunities and to Add expectations.


We use the term Partners because we want to partner your business. We want to be supportive for the long haul, not just a short term project, we want to help you grow and develop. Yes it makes us more accountable for our advice, but that is what a partner does.


Add Partners has a simple concept with huge applications.